Merry Christmas from My Pretty Sydney

Friends from the Northern Hemisphere always find it mindboggling that Australians celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer. Instead of log fires and snow, we have air conditioning and humidity. The traditional turkey feast is (sometimes) replaced with seafood or a barbecue. Steamed, warm pudding may be swapped for a cool, meringue Pavlova topped with fresh summer fruits. Hot, mulled wine is replaced for cold white wine or a beer. And the meal can be enjoyed outdoors with family and friends.

Christmas is celebrated in so many different ways (and sometimes not at all) because we have many diverse cultures living under the same sky. But we all enjoy long summer days, spending time with loved ones, and eating!

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas wherever you are in the world! Happy Holidays!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the Christmas light decorations at 51 Rangers Road and on the street leading to Taronga Zoo in Mosman. I love admiring these lights and seeing the effort that some people go to over this period to decorate their homes for all to enjoy. (You can find more locations for Christmas lights in Sydney here.)

Maadz xox






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1 and the rest are mine!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from My Pretty Sydney

    1. I’ve never celebrated with snow, so I can’t tell which is better… but I like the summer so celebrating without snow is probably good for me too, Southern Girl!

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