10 Things I Love About Sydney

Happy 2015!

I’m a little glad to see the back of 2014 and am welcoming 2015 with open arms. Life and work became busier last year, and I forgot to stop and appreciate the small things. It also didn’t help that my heart broke every time I read a newspaper that I almost wonder if it’s better to not stay informed and live in ignorant bliss.

So… I have decided that the only way to enjoy 2015 is to stop, reflect and appreciate the little things EVERY. Single Day. The great thing is that it’s so easy to appreciate little things in Sydney. It’s one of the many reasons why I came back and could not think of living in any other city in the world. So here are the top 10 things I appreciate about my life in Sydney.

1. Sunshine – on most days.


2. But rainy days are fun too – either staying indoors with a good book and tea or being out and about cute Wellingtons and carrying around a giant Oroton umbrella (a must-have for every Sydney gal!).


3. Fresh air. I actually remember how easy it was to breathe after stepping off the plane from Hong Kong!


4. Natural beauty. Beaches, mountains, forests all beneath a clear, blue sky.


5. As a result, the ‘outdoorsy’ culture. I, myself, dislike being outdoors too much (I’m a girly girl after all!). But I love that Australians place an emphasis on being healthy and fit. I also don’t mind the occasional long coastal walk, trip to the beach and reading or eating at a café in the sun. I suppose that one need not be ‘outdoorsy’ to enjoy the ‘outdoors’ lifestyle offered in Sydney.


6. The harbour.


7. The bridge. A Sydney icon which I am lucky enough to travel over every day to my office job in the city.


8. The Opera House. So grand, spectacular and pretty.


9. Sydney is peaceful. Sydney is still a busy city, especially in the CBD. But (in my opinion) Sydney is quieter than most of the other big cities I have travelled to and lived in. Some people are ashamed of this and don’t like the fact that shops close at 5pm on weekdays or that public transport grinds to a halt on rainy days. But I don’t care. It forces me to be patient and live a slower life than I did overseas.


10. An abundance of fresh produce. It was such an ordeal to cook anything fresh in my tiny kitchen in HK – a trip to buy ingredients for just one meal would mean going to expensive supermarket for staples like pasta and rice, the wet markets for fresh fish and the street for vegetables imported from other countries… So it was cheaper to eat out which also fit my busy lifestyle there. But it made me realise how lucky Australians are to be able to go to one supermarket to buy all the fresh produce and meats required for a delicious, nutritious meal. I love being able to eat fresh food at cafes and restaurants, as well as have the time to cook meals at home!


I hope to bring more Sydney articles to your interweb this year.

I also hope that you have a beautiful 2015!

Maadz xox

Image 2 and 5 credited to Mari.

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