Brunching at Anvil Coffee Co at the Kirribilli Wharf

Anvil Coffee Co Review Sydney

On a lazy Friday morning during the Christmas/New Year holiday period, Boyfriend and I wandered down to the Anvil Coffee Co at Kirribilli Wharf. This tiny café has a very good reputation and limited tables so we were very lucky to get a seat straight away. I can only imagine how tricky it would be to find a table on a weekend, so I’d recommend getting there as early as you can.




The café is tucked into a corner of the wharf so every single seat has million dollar views of the harbour, occasionally interrupted by a ferry service carrying curious photo-taking tourists. The small interior is fitted out with very rustic, simple décor such as small tables and chairs and light globes hanging from the big wooden ceiling beams.




We started our morning with a cappuccino (which Boyfriend tells me was very good) and a very strong black tea (which I weakened with a teaspoon of sugar). The best thing about my tea was that it was served in the prettiest, antique Royal Doulton (1962) teacup.




We both ordered the Buttered Arabian Eggs. These perfectly poached eggs were served on sourdough bread covered in slightly sweet caramelised onion and sprinkled with black sea salt, herbs and red chilli flakes. The plate was garnished with a light yogurt and burnt lemon butter. It was too delicious, I wished that I could have eaten Boyfriend’s serving as well!




Service was good, the food was delicious and the location is just perfect. Make sure you go there soon!


Maadz xox

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