Top 5 Relaxing Activities in Sydney… A Guest Post

Oscar is a travel enthusiast from Sydney and a father of two beautiful children. He loves reading travel novels and spending quality time with his family. You can contact him via Facebook. He has written a very helpful article about relaxing activities in Sydney, read on below!

If you feel broken down after a long day at the office or at the end of every week it is a sure sign that something needs to be done, either with your work or with your regular after work activities. Changing jobs is something that needs thorough planning and execution and can be beneficial, but equally risky. Before making any bold moves, try some relaxing methods. Perhaps quality-spent relaxing time is just what you need to get your life in balance again. I have prepared a list of top five relaxing activities Sydney has to offer, to make your choice easier.

1. Spa
Spend an afternoon in one of Sydney’s famous spa centres and throw yourself into the hands of professionals. Many types of massages await you, and you will surely be able to pick one suitable for your mood and needs at the moment. Mountain views, ocean views, starry sky views – you name it! One thing is for sure, you will come out rejuvenated and refreshed and ready for any upcoming challenges.


2. On the Water
As you probably know, water is a great rejuvenator. You can pick one of the many water sports, such as diving, jet skiing, snorkeling or surfing. On the other hand, you could go further on and enjoy one of numerous cruises offered and explore isolated beaches and marinas, or simply observe dolphins in their natural habitat away from the city crowd.

On the water

3. In the Air
If you wish to relax in the air, try one of Sydney’s airplane, helicopter or balloon tours. You will see the city and the surroundings from a completely unique perspective and it will surely be a memorable experience. Trust us, your mind will forget about any ordinary, everyday problems and you will land completely refreshed.

In the air

4. On the Ground
Play a round of golf at one of Sydney’s many golf clubs . Enjoying the green grass and beautiful nature, along with the wonderful sea view, will surely be a soothing and relaxing experience. Use a bike to get there or you can rent all the necessary equipment. Do not rush it. Spend a whole easy paced afternoon here, with no caddies or personal assistants.

On the ground

5. Out and About
Take your friends, partner or family out. Visit galleries, museums, concert halls, cinemas, theatres, anything that is of preference to you. People often forget that enjoying arts is a great way of putting your troubles aside, at least for a moment. Therefore, dedicate at least some of your free time to explore the many cultural places Sydney has to offer. Go to a nice restaurant afterwards and contemplate on the things you saw, get to know each other even more and your energy will surely improve.


As you can see, Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to relaxing and recharging batteries. Any of these five suggestions will certainly make you feel positively different. And that is the key impact any relaxation should provide. Have fun and do it again as soon as possible!


Image credits:
1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5 from My Pretty Sydney

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