My Top 5 Restaurants in the CBD

Here is a round up of my favourite places to eat at the top end of the CBD, closer to Circular Quay and Wynyard.

1. Fratelli Fresh, 11 Bridge Street
Last month, my lovely friend Ange and I caught up for dinner at Fratelli Fresh on Bridge Street. We descended the stone staircase to a basement bustling with activity. Chefs were creating pizzas and pastas, wait staff were running around keeping the patrons pleased as well as managing the long queue waiting for an available table at the entrance. Ange and I chatted over our pasta and grilled veggies. The dishes are exceptional, service is fast and the location is great for an after work catch up. I’d recommend Fratelli once again.


2. Sushi Tei, 1 Chifley Square
I sat down to a relaxing, warming, comforting and healthy bowl of beef udon noodle soup last month during a very busy period at work. It was just what I needed to nourish myself and tackle the rest of the day. They also do an amazing fresh, healthy and tasty sashimi salad. I love this restaurant for its reasonably priced, delicious Japanese food with fast and friendly service.


3. Bridge Street Garage , 17-19 Bridge Street
I was back here with Mrs N and KT for dinner a few months ago. The service was a little slower this time (but we think it was only because the waitress was new) but the food was exceptional, interesting and fresh!


4. Jamie’s Italian , 107 Pitt Street
I don’t frequent this lovely restaurant as much as I’d like to, only because their queue system is a little funny to me. Occasionally we have been told that it will be a 45 minute wait, when we can see that the tables inside and on the second floor are empty… but if you have some time to spare, I really do think the dishes here are worth the wait. Once you have a table, service is efficient and the food is Jamie’s homestyle, fresh cooking at its best.


5. Mejico, 105 Pitt Street
I have been meaning to go back to this trendy little restaurant to satisfy my craving for high quality, fresh Mexican food for a while now. I remember the spicy chorizo with plantain chips and gaucomole made fresh at the table was to die for.

Mejico 1


Maadz xo

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