How to Wear a Corset Tastefully in Public

The latest Disney movie ‘Cinderella’ has inspired me to think about corsets as a fashion item. The modern corset is feminine, pretty and elegant, and can be worn as outerwear with anything from jeans to a pencil skirt for a classy look. Corsets can also be worn under your clothes (as they were traditionally) which is a great way to give you a more curvy shape. However I don’t recommend wearing them for too long because it’s a little tricky to breathe in them!

Here are some style sets I created for inspiration.

The corsets are from the Corset Boutique , a great online platform to purchase reasonably priced corsets. Ladies meticulously handcraft these corsets in the Swiss Alps using skills handed down from generation to generation. The materials used are generally polyester, satin and lace (with materials per cost is on each product page). I was lucky enough to receive a corset from this company and can tell you that it’s indeed beautifully crafted, delicate and comfortable.

Maadz xox

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