Quiz: Which Australian City should you live in – Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney?

People move to a new city for all sorts of reasons such as a new job, to be closer to family, or for love. In my case, it was for a job, every single time. I value financial stability and job security, followed closely by friends and family. Both times where I had a choice (while I was a uni student in Canberra and an unhappy office worker in Hong Kong) I thought long and hard about which Australian city I wanted to live in. I applied for jobs almost everywhere, but both times, Sydney picked me. So I don’t think I really had a choice, and I’m glad that I live in this beautiful city anyway!

But if you’re the sort of person that would rather find a city first and let the job, friends and lifestyle fall into place later, I have created a fun quiz with 8 questions about which Australian city to live on the East Coast.

Should you live in Brisbane….


….Or Sydney?

I picked these cities only because I know them pretty well. I live in Sydney; lived in Melbourne when I was 5 and visited many times and; fly to Brisbane almost every second month to see my parents. For a fun interactive quiz with other Australian cities, you can try Scenic Tour’s one here (and where I have also made some recommendations!).

Please note that this is a fun quiz, so don’t take it seriously at all. I have also included some beautiful pictures by talented artist Kanako, who illustrates for the famous My Little Paris.


1. When it’s cold you:
A) Hibernate, feel depressed and stay out of the cold as much as possible.
B) Enjoy stepping out into the cold, crisp wind in a lovely coat and chic boots.
C) Don’t mind hibernating for a few days per year and wear a lovely, warm coat on moderately cold days, but generally prefer warmer winters.

2. If you’re going out to Sunday brunch, you wear:
A) Denim shorts and a cute singlet with flip flops and a pretty hat.
B) Skinny jeans, a blouse, high heels and a cardigan (even in summer, in case it gets cold).
C) Jeans, a nicely cut tee under a light sweater and ballet flats.


3. In the summer, your hair goes frizzy so you:
A) Don’t really mind.
B) Freak out and reach for a straightener and go indoors to avoid more damage.
C) Are a bit annoyed but act quickly and pop your hair into a bun.

4. It’s still summer and your make up starts to run so you:
A) Don’t care as you were wearing minimal make up anyway.
B) Freak out and reapply your make up.
C) Don’t mind, you were wearing minimal make up and can touch it up later.


5. On the weekend, you like to spend time:
A) Outdoors, walking along a river bank or reading a book in the sun.
B) Wandering along streets with designer boutiques and spending time in art galleries.
C) At the beach, or soaking up the sun at a café with water views.


6. Your approach to life is:
A) Laid back.
B) Sophisticated, busy but not too hectic during the week.
C) Laid back on weekends, but a rat race during the week.

7. You live in an international city so you love a variety of cuisines, but you especially love:
A) Avocado on toast, cheap and cheerful Vietnamese, Moreton Bay bugs.
B) Spanakopita and dumplings.
C) Pad Thai and sushi.

8. When it comes to good coffee you are:
A) Not that fussed. You love good coffee but don’t mind that it’s hard to find some days.
B) An expert, a coffee aficionado.
C) Becoming an expert and know where the good coffee haunts are.


Mostly A’s: Brisbane Girl
You’re laid back and enjoy warm, humid weather nearly all year around. You don’t mind that your hair might go frizzy or your make up melts off as long as it’s hot. You love that you can wear a cardigan or light coat to get you through the winter. You prefer a relaxed lifestyle. You still work hard and get to work very early, go for a walk along the river at lunchtime and leave before it gets too dark so you can enjoy some time outdoors.

Mostly B’s: Melbourne Girl
You have a sophisticated sense of style and don’t mind cooler weather and grey skies. You love living in a city with a great sense of style, plenty of designer clothes shops, excellent coffee and a big foodie scene.

Mostly C’s: Sydney Girl
You love the beach and warmer weather. You wear heels occassionally, but are generally more comfortable being out and about in your flats or flip flops. You love living in a city where you can enjoy a bit of a rat race at work during the week, but relax outdoors at the beach or at home in the suburbs. You love good coffee and a big foodie scene with plenty of great restaurants.

How did you go?! I got Sydney Girl, but I was pretty close to being a Melbourne Girl. In reality, though I could never live there because I don’t like the cold.

Maadz xox

Illustrations by Kanako who illustrates for the famous My Little Paris, sourced on Pinterest.
Some points on Brisbane from this lovely Brisbane blog.

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