North African Inspired Brunch at Moorish Blue, McMahon’s Point in Sydney

On a sunny but cold Sunday morning in winter, my boyfriend and I wandered over to McMahon’s Point in search of eggs, coffee and tea. After strolling past many cafes, we stopped at the exotic, bright blue doors of Moorish Blue. We had been there a number of times but always sat outside at the entrance, with a street view. This time, we wandered into the spacious interior and straight outside to the sunlit courtyard. We chose a table where we could soak up the warm, Sydney winter rays.




The décor and theme is North African inspired with bright cushions, marble tables (out the front) and antique teapots and teacups (or little shot glasses).

I love all of the breakfast items, but my favourite dish would have to be the Arabian eggs. Flatbread topped with two fried eggs, cumin, caramelised onion, lemon, mint and chilli. It reminded me of my mum’s delicious Sri Lankan roti that we eat with eggs and caramelized onion for breakfast. Homely, hearty and full of flavour.

My boyfriend opted for the baked eggs served in a giant clay pot with sausages and a thick Harissa-spiced tomato, onion and pepper sauce.



I drank English breakfast tea poured from a pretty teapot while my boyfriend enjoyed a large cappuccino (which he was drinking while I took this shot).


Moorish Blue is a great breakfast spot in the lower North Shore with an exotic menu, pretty location and fast and friendly service. They also have more plain menu items like toast and pikelets for those who don’t feel adventurous first thing in the morning.

Afterwards we drove down the street to enjoy the harbour views from McMahon’s Point. Just after my boyfriend found a prime parking spot and turned off the engine, a group of people riding loud Harley Davidsons parked us in! Thankfully they looked like a friendly bunch who were part of a tour group and also wanted to enjoy the view. They left about 10 minutes later, so we were able to drive home safely.





It was a lovely morning, one of those days where I felt very lucky to be living in my pretty Sydney.

Maadz xox

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