5 things that made me happy lately

1. I treated myself to strawberry jam on sourdough toast and hot tea at the (moderately) warm Pavel and Co Café on a chilly morning before an early meeting.


2. Drawing! (Even though I’m not very good at it!) It was relaxing to use the creative side of my brain. I also added some motivational words through PicLab and came up with this… It’s hours of fun, you should try it sometime!


3. I made a new friend through Instagram! Mrs D and I met for our first lunch at Sushi Tei, one of my fave Japanese spots. We discovered that we have lots of mutual friends AND work in the same building. It’s a small world….


4. The amazing views of Sydney from the left hand side of the plane when flying from Brisbane. I’m always sad when I leave my parents in Brisbane, but this view always makes me feel a little better.


5. Playing putt putt golf with my lovely boyfriend at the Thornleigh Golf Centre. I thought I was winning until he explained that the person with the least points wins… so he won! But I had lots of fun anyway, even if I hit the ball into the water a few times (which my boyfriend had to fish out)… It was a wonderful way to spend a surprisingly warm winter afternoon.


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Maadz xo

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