Snacks at Glenorie Bakery and Delicatessen, and a Stroll through Fagan Park

My boyfriend and I stopped at the delightful Glenorie Bakery and Delicatessen for a snack during a long drive out of the city on a cold and rainy Saturday. We wouldn’t have known about it if it hadn’t been for a Ute advertising the bakery, parked on the side of Old Northern Road in Glenorie.


The exterior and interior looks like a large shed complete with a tin roof and wooden planks as walls. Baking equipment from the olden days sits on the shelves and larger machines are part of the furniture. The old fashioned cash register, for example, is perched on top of a large mixer.




There are a wide variety of delicious deli and bakery items, from ham and cheeses to pies and bread.

We ordered our snacks and sat at high stools on the end of a long wooden table. My boyfriend dug into a hearty beef and potato pie while I enjoyed a simple hot cross bun with a little bit of melted butter. We both warmed ourselves with piping hot cups of English breakfast tea.



After our snack, we drove about 10 minutes down the road to Fagan Park in a suburb called Galston. It’s a beautiful large park that I would never have known about if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend who used to go there when he was little with his family. Despite the chilly drizzle, we strolled around and stopped every so often to admire one of the lovely ‘Gardens of Many Nations’. We marvelled at a house and maple trees in the garden of American, statues in the garden of the Mediterranean and windmills in the garden of Amsterdam.





It started to get dark so we hopped back into the warm car and drove all the way home. It was a lovely way to get away from the busy city without having to go too far, about 45 minutes in total. I hope you visit both the Glenorie Bakery and Fagan Park one day, it’s worth the long drive.

Maadz xox

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