Shoe designing with Shoes of Prey

Imagine designing your own shoes and having them delivered right to your doorstep… You can do just that at Shoes of Prey, a clever little online company.  You simply go to their website; pick a style, heel and colour; pay a fee; and wait for your shoe box to arrive.  The shoes are a little pricey at around $200 or more but think about how much tie and money would be consumer if you made your own shoes from scratch by yourself? They also have a great returns policy where you have 365 days to return or send the product back for more specifications.

I love this concept because I’m actually not much of a ‘shoe girl’.  I always struggle to find a heel, size and look that suits my lifestyle.  I do a lot during my week and occasionally weekends can be busy too so I prefer flats like Havainna flip flops or ballet flats or kitten heels.  This means I can reach the office, gym, pole class or dinner on time.  I love wearing very high heels but only for special occasions and sometimes at the office (I have about 6 pairs of shoes lined up under my desk!).

Here are a couple of style sets I created using Shoes of Prey designed shoes for inspiration this spring. 

The looks are: weekend brunch…

… running errands and to/from appointments on the weekend….

and… a special occasion like a fancy, anniversary dinner….

The company also released some very interesting shoe stats from the data they have been collecting over the years….

The global average heel height is 7cm, but Australian shoe lovers wear, on average, an 8.3cm heel….
South Australians and Canberrans wear the lowest heels. (As a former Canberran, I’m surprised!!!)
Queenslanders are most likely to choose flats… (Laid back, relaxed lifestyle perhaps?)
Women from New South Wales like their heels high.. they generally choose mid-height heels (7cm) or high heels (10cm). (Not me!)
Victorians are the most likely to choose high heels (10cm).. (Those Melbournians are also so glam!)

I’m yet to try Shoes of Prey myself because I only learned about them a few weeks ago and haven’t had any time – or surplus funds – to treat myself to them! But I’m definitely planning to sometime this year or early next year and will let you know what I think. I just loved the concept and had to tell you about them!  Oh and they also have a store at the Elizabeth Street David Jones. 

Have you tried them? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.



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