5 Ideas for a Girls’ Night In for the Cancer Council!

A Girls’ Night In is a fabulous way to catch up with your girlfriends for some fun activities in a comfortable and relaxed environment. A Girls Night In for the Cancer Council this October is an even better way to see your girlfriends because you can also raise funds to fight womens’ cancers. You can host any kind of party you like, from a small gathering to a big group event. It’s totally up to you!

In addition to the 3 ideas from my lovely friend KP’s guest post last year, I have added 2 more suggestions. Here is the whole list!

1. A Cooking Party
KP says… This is essentially a dinner party, but with less pressure on the host. Put someone in charge of entrées, someone on mains, someone on desserts, and one or two people on drinks. People can make their dish in advance, or bring a recipe and ingredients and prepare everything together, which is great fun (and a lot of laughs if you have as many kitchen fails as I do).

Some food options for this type of night in are pasta dishes, cheese and antipasto platters, cakes, curries, puddings, mousse, dips and bread, salads… it doesn’t need to be fancy. You could even do desserts only, or finger food only, or have a theme such as Italian or French. Or try making some drinks! Be adventurous and hunt down some simple cocktail or mocktail recipes.


2. A Pampering Session

Ask everyone to bring along their nail polishes, face masks, cleansers, moisturisers – anything they are happy to share. In your lounge room, set up a mirror, face and hand towels, tweezers, nail files, cotton balls and a bucket for foot baths. If you want to get a little creative, maybe find a few examples of hairstyles or simple nail art you can try on each other!

A pamper session is perfect for gloomy weather and calls for hot drinks, baked goods and fruit. Let people do their thing once they arrive – some might be in need of a manicure, others might want to do a mask, others might just want a cup of peppermint tea and to put their feet up. It’s a great way to de-stress and it feels quite indulgent!


3. DIY Pizzas and a Movie
All you need to do is select a movie and buy a few simple ingredients – remember to have options for any vegetarians or people with allergies – then set everything out and let people do their thing. Have your friends bring along something like a bottle of wine, a carton of berries, or a couple of packets of lollies and you’re all set. It’s best to choose a movie that you’ve seen before, and one that isn’t necessarily a cinematic masterpiece because – let’s be honest – you probably won’t end up actually watching a whole lot of the movie. You’ll be too busy chatting! Romantic comedies work best. Think Pitch Perfect, Love Actually, Mean Girls, Sleepless in Seattle…


And a few more ideas from me….
5. A Book Club Party
I love reading so I’ll happily attend if you decide to have this kind of Girls’ Night In! Pick a book, give the girls at least 2 weeks to read it, put together some topics and questions, and invite everyone over for the discussion! If you’re struggling with your book choice, I highly recommend ‘The Tea Planter’s Wife’ by Dinah Jefferies or ‘Wildflower Hill’ by Kimberley Freeman – girly, well-written and beautiful.


For refreshments, you could create some themed cupcakes…


But most of us don’t have time for that, so simply throw together a cheese platter with plenty of breads to fill up those hungry stomachs after a long day!


6. Clothes Swap Party
Instead of throwing out all those clothes and accessories you don’t wear anymore, host a clothes swap party where you can trade those unwanted clothes with each other! Include friends of all shapes and sizes (even pregnant friends!), only allow clothes that have been washed and ironed and accessories in good condition, and have a minimum and maximum number of items that each invitee can bring. You could even designate an area or room for changing with a full length mirror (if you have one) and have some ground rules so no one can be too greedy! Once all the guests arrive, start trading! At the end of the evening, you will have an updated wardrobe with some refreshing, preloved pieces.


Offer your guests some delicious finger food (plenty of recipe ideas here) and some pink themed drinks!



Click here for more information on hosting your very own Girls’ Night In to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Let me know how it goes!

Maadz xox

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