5 things that made me happy lately…

1. I caught this stunning sunset at Atholl Hall in Mosman with my boyfriend.


2. The lovely, pint-sized Rachel Khoo signed my copy of her cookbook.


3. I worked my way through this delicious bowl of comforting spicy pork ramen from Goshu Ramen Tei on York Street before pole class on a cold, rainy Sunday.


4. I walked to work early in the morning. Luckily, my walk involves walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a view of the Sydney Opera House. I’m very thankful to live in this lovely city!


5. I loved watching ‘Matilda the Musical’ with my boyfriend’s mum that I immediately booked tickets to watch it again with my mum a week later! It was so funny with great songs and a delightful story line (which you would know if you’ve read the book). I highly recommend watching it and treating yourself to a salted caramel and white chocolate gelato from Gelato Messina during the intermission.


What made you happy lately? Did you see a lovely sunset? Did you eat your favourite comfort food after a bad day?

Maadz xox

Last image via Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “5 things that made me happy lately…

  1. Duuuuuuuude the fact that you get to see the bridge and Opera House on a daily basis amazes me. Took a trip a while back to Australia and it was the best trip of my life! The sight of the opera house and bridge just made me sooooooo grateful. I was the only American standing in the rain appreciating that awesomeness, luckily it was sunny the next day. Great pics!

    1. Thanks! America has some great places too… but I agree, after growing up in Canberra and living in HK for 2 years, the fact that I see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge every day amazes me too!

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