Mexican Breakfast at Dos Senoritas in Neutral Bay

On a sunny Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I wandered up to Military Road in search of a big, filling breakfast. We decided to try Dos Senoritas, a Mexican franchise that opened in Neutral Bay earlier this year that we had meaning to try for ages.

The restaurant is located right on Military Road, one of the busiest roads in the lower North Shore. The interior is small and decorated with festive Mexican-themed murals. There are simple tables and chairs and the menu is written on a large blackboard at the entrance. It’s very much a ‘restaurant’ rather than a ‘café’, which happens to be open for breakfast. It’s not the sort of place where you sit outside in the sun with a newspaper and cup of tea for hours, but more of a place to satisfy a Mexican breakfast craving.



The menus were brought with a bowl of corn chips to drench in a delicious, spicy tomato salsa. It was a little intense for the first meal of the day, but I nibbled on more than a few corn chips anyway.


My boyfriend and I both chose the Huevos Rancheros which came to our table soon after we ordered. Our large plates were filled to the brim with 2 fried eggs topped on black beans and a proper soft tortilla with a side of salty fried potatoes, guacamole and sour cream. I couldn’t finish it because it was too big! But it really was delicious, even if the eggs were a bit too salty for my liking. We washed it down with bottles of orange juice (not fresh but still good) and cups of tea and coffee.


Now I’m keen to try their burritos and tacos on the lunch and dinner menus!

I highly recommend stopping in at Dos Senoritas either in Neutral Bay or Crow’s Nest for a delicious Mexican feed.

Maadz xoxo

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