How to Battle Burnout

Four years ago while I was living in Hong Kong, I wrote an article for Sassy HK about battling burnout. I recently re-read it because I was starting to feel the beginnings of a burnout again. It’s the end of another year (that went too quickly!) and things aren’t getting any easier. Work continues to be busy and the Christmas/New Year period is around the corner. Plus I keep myself occupied with blogging as well as learning pole and going to the gym so I can stay fit and healthy for the summer. So as soon as I started to feel tired and annoyed with little things last week, I knew that I had to take a step back and take some time out for myself to do the things I love and get some rest.

Here are the ways I recognize, manage and prevent burnout (if I can!).

When you’re about to burnout you might:
– Feel upset that you aren’t spending as much down time with your friends/family and doing the things you love because you are working too hard.
– Feel physically ill and tired.
– Have a loss of appetite and find it difficult to sleep.
– Feel irritated at everything and everyone around you and withdrawing from people to mope alone.
– Feel helpless, out of control and lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’.
– Become emotional over small things that normally wouldn’t bother you.
– Not want to get out of bed and face the day.


What you could do to feel better again:
– Sleep well and eat lots of healthy, wholesome food.
– Do something involving physical activity that will make you feel energized and happy like yoga, running or a dance class. It’s even better if you can do it outdoors.
– Go to the beach or a park and enjoy some nature.
– Talk to friends and/or family who will give you perspective.
– Don’t take life too seriously and focus on finding your balance again.


What you could do more of to prevent it happening again:
– Make some time in your day for exercise.
– Sleep and eat well.
– Wake up a little bit earlier in the morning to read, write or exercise instead of fighting your way into the office.
– Switch off from work completely when you can and avoid checking your blackberry or logging in from home unless absolutely necessary.
– Spend time with loved ones and positive people who will help you to regain perspective of the ‘bigger picture’.

When I start to feel burnout, I try to spend one day of my weekend at home in my pajamas with no makeup, watch TV, read, blog, do a bit of yoga and eat home cooked food. I’m introverted so that’s how I get my energy back. But everyone has a different way of finding his or her balance again.


How do you battle burnout?

Maadz xoxo

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