What to Wear to a 1920s Theme Party

Our office holiday party theme this year is ‘The Great Gatsby’ (yes we are about 2 years behind, but should be fun nonetheless!). I started researching for inspiration and ideas and thought I would share them with you, just in case you have a 1920s themed party coming up too! Read on to find out about the dress, accessories, shoes, hair and make up and how to act as a 1920s flapper! 
– The dress… 
You want a shapeless, short sleeve dress that’s either long or short with beading and some frills.

– Accessories… 
Big statement pieces of jewellery like ropes of pearls and sparkly diamante bracelets, gloves and a small clutch.

– Shoes
Technically, they should be flat and somewhat sensible. But you can always wear some sparkly, low-heeled stilettos to jazz up that outfit.

– Hair
Weave jewels into your hair with a clip or beads or a flapper hat (if you can find one).  If you have short hair you can curl the ends into pretty waves.  If you have long hair, you can twist it into a side bun. Here is a great tutorial to help you out.




– Make up Go for dramatic eye make up and bright led rips. See this tutorial by Michelle Phan for tips!



– How to act….

Flappers were the ‘modern women’ of their day, they were independent, had jobs, wore whatever they wanted to and partied.  So all you need to do is get all dolled up, have fun and learn the Charleston so you can dance like this!


Maadz xoxo

Images sourced herehere and Pinterest.

Click here for my review of the Great Gatsby movie and here for my review of the book.

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