5 Reasons Why You Should Do The Sydney Bridge Climb

Towards the end of last year, I realized it was about time I booked into a Twilight Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb that my boyfriend gave me as a Christmas gift the year before. It’s not exactly cheap so I wanted to make sure we booked in before it was too late.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb why you should do it

We experienced our ‘Bridge Climb’ in early December 2015 on a hot summer’s day wearing the grey (unattractive but practical) suits, with a ton of attachments including a cap, a fleece jacket in a bag and a handkerchief. We wore a belt with a slider that attaches onto the railing the entire time we were walking towards, and on the structure of, the bridge.  We also wore headsets so that we could hear our friendly and calm Climb Leader tell us interesting stories, facts and history during the climb.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Review

The whole process was about 3 and half hours, very expensive, occasionally scary and there was a lot of waiting around. For me, the four ladders to get onto the outer arch of the bridge was very scary, while my boyfriend wasn’t very comfortable with the wooden catwalks high above the road and water to get to the Southern Pylon. There were also about 3 groups ahead of us which meant we were waiting around quite a bit on the scary catwalks and on the bridge itself (which wasn’t as bad because we could admire the views).

But. Would I do it again? Maybe in a few year’s time. Would I recommend it to a tourist and a local? Definitely.   Here’s 5 reasons why:

5 reasons to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

  1. The SPECTACULAR views from the outer arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, especially if you book into the Twilight session (at around 6.50pm).
  2. The shared experience that will make you bond with and become closer to the person/people you choose to climb with. You’ll have plenty of cheesy photos to look back on too.
  3. Getting out of your comfort zone as you walk onto wooden plank catwalks with the road and water directly below you to reach the Pylon. And again as you climb four ladders with small ledges in between surrounded by traffic in the fifth and sixth lane of the Bridge. You have to descend four ladders on the other side in the dark (because it’s usually nighttime by the you get there) and it’s even scarier if there’s a train overhead.
  4. Being in good company as so many famous people have walked the same path as you.
  5. Knowing that you climbed the actual bridge structure when you are driving on the bridge or looking at it from a distance days, months, weeks and years later.

BridgeClimb Sydney Skyline

Maadz xox

All photos belong to Sydney BridgeClimb.

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