What to Wear to the Swimming Pool

I’m re-learning how to swim so I have been hanging around at pools quite a bit this summer.  I used to hate pools because I hated swimming class (the stress of learning a new skill with kids you don’t know) and the icky changing rooms.  I’m still not a fan of the whole swimming change room set up (at North Sydney Olympic Pool where I go at least) but I’m getting much more comfortable with pools and being in the water.

So I thought about what to wear to the swimming pool for lessons or lap swimming, or for lounging around and hanging by one of Sydney’s many saltwater pools, a resort or backyard pool.

For ‘serious’ swimming, you’ll need a ‘serious’ swimming outfit,  cap, goggles (prescription for me!) and some flip flops and a nice tote (or a ‘serious’ gym bag) to keep it all together.

For lounging around by the pool and dipping in for the occasional swim, you’ll need a fun swimsuit (I heard that high-waisted bottoms and halter crop tops are in this season); flip flops, a hat, a pretty beach bag and a beach read (I’ve read both books below and highly recommend them).

And some fun swimsuits for inspiration….

Happy swimming, I hope you are enjoying the Sydney summer!

Maadz xox

Featured image via Pinterest.

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