How to Make my Mum’s Easy, Dairy-Free Sri Lankan Omelette

My mum always made this delicious crispy, spicy Sri Lankan omelette for me as a kid and I simply loved it. It’s crispy and savoury with tomatoes, red onion, green chilli and curry leaves. We enjoyed many Western variations of this omelette while on holidays in Sri Lanka (which you can read about here) but I prefer the dairy-free version.

So here is how you can also make a 3-egg Sri Lankan omelette for one.



3 eggs

5 cherry or egg tomatoes sliced in half

1 big green chilli, thinly sliced. You’ll only need about 5 thin slices.

¼ of a red onion, chopped roughly

10-15 curry leaves (can substitute with coriander)

1 teaspoon of paprika

½ teaspoon of salt

2 black peppers or a dash of ground black pepper

Olive oil or margarine for frying



  1. Put ALL the ingredients into a bowl and whisk together for a few minutes with a fork. There’s no need to whisk the egg first and then add all the ingredients in later.

FullSizeRender-112. Heat a pan with a bit of olive oil or margarine to a medium heat.

3. Pour the omelette mixture and leave for about 5 minutes.

4. Flip and cook on other side. Use a spatula and spoon to help you flip it like a pancake. Cook until golden brown on both sides and light and fluffy on the inside.


5. Serve and enjoy with toast and tea.


Sri Lankan Omelette Recipe

What’s your fave type of omelette? Do you like it spicy or cheesy or a bit of both?

Maadz xox


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