5 things that made me happy lately….

Can you believe it’s already March? Summer is officially over (although it’s still very hot and humid) and the holiday season is well and truly over.  Work – and life in general – is starting to get busier and I can feel myself getting a little more tired, grumpy and jaded.  Which means that it’s time for me to stop and reflect on 5 things that made me happy lately so that I can stay positive and grateful and… well… happy! Here they are….

1. Reading lots of amazing books! I really enjoyed reading ‘Wildflower’ by Drew Barrymore, which I borrowed from my boyfriend’s lovely mother. It was warm, insightful and funny. A delightful read. I was sad when I finished it because I wanted more.


After that I stayed up all night for a week reading ‘The Expatriates’ by Janice KY Lee. It’s a somewhat dark story about three expat women in Hong Kong. I related to a lot of it because of my brief stint as an expat in HK, and it was also beautifully written with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter which meant that I couldn’t put it down.


2. Watching ‘Brooklyn’ at the St George Open Air Cinema at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with my boyfriend. Gorgeous movie and a stunning location with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city in the background.


3. Swimming in the shallow end in the saltwater Olympic pool for the first time in my life at North Sydney Olympic Pool. It was – well salty! But fun. And another beautiful location.


4. Travelling around Tasmania for a week in January with my boyfriend. It was a very relaxing trip, with lots of long car rides, beautiful locations and friendly people. I’ll be sharing our Tasmanian travels in posts to come!


5. Enjoying a delicious brunch on the balcony at Burnt Orange in Mosman twice over the summer. The first time was with my lovely friend YKK and her husband who were visiting from Hong Kong. The second time was a Valentine’s Day date with my Valentine (my boyfriend, of course!). I loved my breakfast board and he loved his Alaskan crab benedict and we shared a delicious piece of banana bread with vanilla ricotta cream. Delicious!


What made you happy this year so far?

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Maadz xox

3 thoughts on “5 things that made me happy lately….

  1. What a beautiful blog post!!!
    And that brunch! Looks delicious and my tummy is officially rumbling!
    So lovely to see such pleasure in the small things.
    Thank you for such a refreshing website! Enjoying reading your posts and learning more about pretty Sydney!
    Thank you 🙂

      1. Thank you for writing back! I am new to wordpress and only saw your message now 🙂 Thank you! Have a lovely weekend !

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