6 Country Towns to Visit in Tasmania

We had some long drives in Tasmania along narrow, winding roads through the country-side and along the coast line where there was just one lane and very few speed limit signs.  I stuck to 80kph or below because I’m a nervous driver and there were plenty of times when I pulled over to let faster, bigger cars pass by.  There were also a few times when we were stuck behind slow, large tractors or had to wait for a herd of cows to cross the road from one paddock to the next.

But the best part of the road trip was finding and exploring all the quaint little country towns along the way…. Here is a list of the country towns that we visited.

Port Arthur Lavender Farm:

It’s not really a country town, I know, but it’s a great place to enjoy lavender ice creams, lavender tea and lavender milk shakes on the way back from Port Arthur to Hobart.

country towns in Tasmania

travelling in Tassie


We stopped for breakfast in Richmond on the way from Hobart to Freycinet.  We discovered the most gorgeous little café, Czeg’s Café, with really delicious food served by friendly people.  The café had been taken over by new owners in December 2015 and refurbished with lovely old fashioned décor including antique tea cups, cutlery and old fashioned furniture.

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

After breakfast we wandered around the Old Hobart Town Model Village to learn about Hobart’s rich history in a fun and interesting way.  It’s a great place for kids (and adults like me!).

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

We took a photo in front of the oldest bridge in Australia which was built in 1825 before leaving Richmond and hitting the road.

country towns in Tasmania


We would have driven straight past this hidden gem if my boyfriend’s colleague hadn’t told him about it.  We stopped at the Devil’s Corner Winery in Aspley just before Freycinet which has a small outdoor food court with a few eateries and seating with this amazing/stunning/beautiful/picturesque/lovely view.  It was a hot summer’s day and there was a light wind that cooled the air which was just perfect for our al fresco lunch.  I would imagine it would be a little (“little”!) colder in the winter but still beautiful.

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

Campbell Town

We stopped in Campbell Town on our way from Freycinet to Cradle Mountain.  We were going to make a quick stop because we still had about 4 hours to our next destination. But because there were severe bushfires around the Cradle Mountain area and because it was already smokey and hazy in Campbell Town, we made a quick and easy decision to stay in Freycinet instead.  This meant that we had much more time to explore Campbell Town because it’s only about forty minutes away from Freycinet.  

We walked over the convict built Red Bridge and wandered into The Book Cellar, which is (as the name suggests) is a book store inside a cellar.  We found all sorts of books from the latest best sellers to old Country Women’s Associations cookbooks.

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

As we wandered along the street we found ourselves looking down and reading the plaques with convict names and details.  It’s surprising how many years people got for stealing beans or clothes!

country towns in Tasmania


We stopped for lunch at the Ross Bakery (where they sell the best vanilla slices although we were too full to try one).  After lunch we wandered around the lovely tree-lined streets.


travelling in Tasmania




We stopped for lunch at the Weldborough Hotel on the way to Barnbougle from Freycinet.  I expected Australian pub food because it was in the middle of the highway in country Tasmania.  But I was completely wrong because the menu included Thai pumpkin soup, Moroccan chicken and a chickpea and vegetable curry with rice.  I was so happy and content to eat my spicy curry with rice and drink a cup of strong English breakfast tea while my boyfriend enjoyed the best steak sandwich he’s had in years, as well as a delicious cappuccino.



country towns in Tasmania

country towns in Tasmania

What a lovely time we had.  It was all so delightful in so many ways! I can’t wait to go back one day.

Have you travelled to Tasmania? Have you discovered any hidden gems?

Maadz xoxo

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