Why I Still Wear a Watch

The other day I was walking back from a meeting with one of my managers when he checked the time on a clock tower near our office building.  A clock tower I had never noticed in my 5 plus years of working there (pre AND post Hong Kong!). He told me that he didn’t wear a watch because there are so many other ways to tell the time – from glancing up at the clock towers throughout the city to checking phones, computers or iPads. I agreed and have been making a concerted effort to look for all the pretty clock towers around Sydney.

But I still love wearing a wrist watch. I fell in love with wearing a watch when I was a kid because it gave me a sense of independence.  I liked being on time for class and making sure I was ready when my parents picked me up from school.

As an adult, I still love wearing a watch on weekdays because I can check it surreptitiously during meetings. It also means that I don’t have to rifle through my handbag for the phone to check the time while running errands. But most of all, it’s a very pretty accessory.

As technology develops I can see why the old fashioned wrist watch may become less popular. But I guess I’m a little bit old fashioned because I still love a simple, classic, analog wrist watch that goes well with my outfit!  Kind of like these ones…

Why wear a watch Watches Why wear a watch 2 wrist watch wrist watch2Why wear a watch

Do you wear a watch?

Maadz xox

Images via Pinterest, watches are from Kate Spade, Van Cleef & Arpel, Nordstrom, ModCloth etc.

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