Lunch at Sous le Soleil, Roseville

On a sunny morning at the beginning of autumn, my boyfriend’s lovely mother, Mrs B, and I ate lunch at Sous le Soleil (meaning ‘under the sun) at the Roseville Gardens. 

We parked near the tennis courts and strolled past children playing in the park to a large, one story heritage home converted into the shop and restaurant.  The entrance and first room was filled with all kinds of pretty items for sale from faux flowers to cushions and cutlery.  Inside there were dining sets, leather handbags and French made materials for sale.  This is where we met the lovely Julia, who I believe takes care of the store. She was so kind, friendly and allowed me to take photos for this blog post.



Lunch at Sous le Soleil






The rooms at the front of the house are decorated with a rustic themed and French paraphernalia adorn the walls.  There is plenty of seating including a large dining table in one room for private parties or smaller tables for intimate dinners. 

But we were taken to the garden at the back of the house where there was plenty of seating ‘under the sun’.






We ordered entrees only (because we were full from a big breakfast) and a bowl of sweet potato chips to share (because it was the weekend) and waited quite some before our meals were served.  But I realised why it took so much time when the beautifully presented meals were placed in front of us. I appreciated the effort the Chefs took to create such lovely pieces of edible art.  Each piece of our salads were delicately arranged and tasted fresh and delicious when eaten separately or together with another piece.  For example, I had a rectangular piece of Iberico jamon (a type of ham) topped with pieces of cured rockmelon, olives, marinated bocconcini, heirloom tomato salsa and basil-balsamic onion pearls.  The onion pearls tasted zingy by themselves and the rockmelon tasted salty when paired with a piece of Iberico jamon.  

The crispy sweet potato chips had the perfect amount of salt and a hint of herbs.


Mrs B enjoyed a salad of prawns, wild rice, green asparagus, beetroot, orange supreme (the inside part of an orange) and parsnip cream.


The food was delicious.  The service was attentive, efficient and French (well, one of the waiters was French at least).  The location was beautiful because it’s in the middle of the park surrounded by leafy green tree. It was lovely and quiet in the garden with a low level of chatter from other patrons.

Sous Le Soleil is the perfect lunch venue for a catch up with the family, a group of girlfriends, a friend or your mother or your partner’s mother! Thank you, Mrs B, for introducing me to this little gem in Sydney.

Maadz xox

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