Birthdays used to a big deal for me.  I felt excited for at least a month before and a few days after as well.  I relished in the birthday love from my parents, family, friends at the office and on Facebook.  I celebrated with cocktails, dinner and/or dancing.  And finally, I talked about it for at least a week afterwards.

I think birthdays mark our journey to becoming independent which is why we celebrate with such positivity and excitement in our youth.  For example, I turned 12 during the year I started high school, 18 during the year I started university, 23 a few months after I moved out of home for the first time, 25 in my first few weeks in Hong Kong, 27 a month after I moved back home and 28 the day before I met my love.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped wanting to celebrate. I might do something small but the need to do something interesting and memorable has gone.

This year though, I want to celebrate with something memorable but small like a birthday cake. I’m not going to say the usual I’m getting so old’ or ‘It’s all downhill from here’ because I’m so grateful to be given a chance to live. Because sadly, some of us didn’t make it this far. So I’m going to be thankful to be 30-something, healthy and happy.

And speaking of cakes… These cake images are by @miss.cakeish, my incredibly talented childhood friend who is a Canberra-based cake designer and decorator. You can contact here via the details on her Insta  account or FB page. Miss Cakeish (and her mum) made the cake for our joint 18th birthday party which looked and tasted beautiful!

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you still celebrate?
Maadz xox

4 thoughts on “Birthdays…. 

  1. Same – in the last few years I have done my best to not draw attention to myself on my birthday and took the date off Facebook as well. The last 3 birthdays I’ve had has just been a quiet dinner with my immediate family.
    Those cakes are stunning!

    1. It’s funny isn’t it?! Maybe this year you can get yourself a delicious cake too! And yes, so beautifully designed! Wish I was as talented as her!! x

  2. This year I turned 30 and I didn’t have a party. I enjoyed celebrating it quietly with friends and family, and really enjoyed it! I feel the same – grateful for being alive, but don’t feel the need to make a huge deal out of it. A beautiful cake shared with close loved ones is enough for me 😊

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