Sydney Harbour Icons With Lego Bricks

I rarely chill out during weekday lunchtimes because I’m busy with the gym, pole or meeting work deadlines. So on the rare occasion when I have nothing on, I decide to treat myself. Not with shopping or lunch with friends… But with a trip to the Museum of Sydney to see the Sydney Harbour Icons with Lego Bricks Exhibition


I arrive at the reception desk, buy a ticket from the friendly staff and climb the staircase to the second floor.  I find the Exhibition easily and hand my ticket to the kind, old gentleman at the entrance.  The Exhibition is housed in a small-ish room (compared to the other exhibitions) and there are only a few families, so I have plenty of room to wander around.

I start with the giant model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge made with over 130,000 Lego blocks.  It has all the finer details of the bridge including the pylons, traffic, lane markers, pedestrians, cyclists, lorries and even Bridge Climbers! The harbour is filled with boats and yachts.





Next I admire the Sydney Opera House which has a Lego wedding on the steps complete with a photographer and a happy bride and groom.  One half of the giant structure is the exterior with the white sails, while the other half is the interior with intricate details including a bar, a theatre production with a Phantom Opera player, a kitchen, restaurants and workmen in the roof.  It’s so amazing, I can’t help being a little jealous of the people that were given the freedom and blocks to create such a fun masterpiece! 





Next I marvel at the P&O Cruise Liner which (like the Opera House) is split in half.  One half is the exterior while the second half is filled with interior details such Lego people snoozing in their cabin rooms, eating dinner, lounging on the deck or dancing at the disco.



Finally, I look at the cleverly constructed Luna Park.



The kind gentleman suggests that I sit down and create with the Lego blocks underneath the icons.  So I quickly create this….which is nowhere near  as good as the creations by the small children at the next table. I can’t think of anything to add to make it better so I quietly walk away…


My lunchbreak is almost over so I look around one more time and head back to my desk.  I look through my calendar for another free lunchbreak so I can I go back and marvel at the little Lego people enjoying a show at the Opera House, lounging around on the P&O Cruise and travelling on the Harbour Bridge.  

I highly recommend this amazing exhibition (which finishes on the 31st July) for anyone with children or if you are a kid at heart… Like me! 
Maadz xox

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