Brunch at Harryfields, Mosman Bay Wharf

A few months ago, my lovely friend Miss M suggested catching up over breakfast at Harryfields in Mosman.  She said that it’s a little hidden gem in Sydney with great food and easy parking which are two things that make me very happy. So I said yes!

I arrived at Mosman Bay Wharf at around 9.45am on a Sunday morning (and had plenty of parking spots to choose from!).  The café is indoors and near the ferry wharf gateway (which reminded me of Anvil Coffee in Kirribilli).  The seating is – well – a little basic with metal tables and chairs.  Blankets are draped on the back of the chairs in case a cold breeze blows up from the water. If you sit near the window you can get a waterview. If not, you can watch people as they buy tickets and stroll or run to catch the ferry. The seating is limited because it’s small but also because it’s very popular among locals. And the food?… It’s amazing. Just as Miss M had promised. It was so good, in fact, that I completely forgot to take photos that day. (And also because Miss M and I got caught up in our conversation…!) 

So I dragged my boyfriend there a couple of weeks of later on a not-so-sunny-but-still-perfect day to get these photos….









This time, I had poached eggs on sourdough toast which comes with a super tasty tomato salsa and delicious and spicy serving of caramelized onions (which reminded me of my mum’s Sri Lankan seeni symbol).  


My boyfriend opted for the potato rosti topped with jamon, wilted spinach, poached eggs and spicy relish.

Again, we thought our meals, coffees and teas were simply delicious.



I highly recommend this sweet little cafe for a delicious brunch with a view. The parking is also super easy (if you get there early). Thanks Miss M for taking me to this gorgeous little Sydney gem!

Maadz xox

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