The Lorna Jane Active Living Room at the Sydney Airport

It’s Friday, the end of a long, busy and tiring week.  I work from home in the morning and catch a bus and a train to the domestic airport. I’m exhausted but excited to visit my parents in Brisbane.

But the airport is busy because it’s school holidays.  It’s noisy with children playing excitedly and weary parents screaming at them to quieten down.

All I want is somewhere to rest.  A cup of black tea, a good book and maybe a view.  I decide to sit at the gate at the Virgin Terminal. But before I get there, I notice the Lorna Jane store.  I’m drawn to the sale sign for tights and crop tops so I wander inside.

But the first thing I see is a café counter with all kinds of healthy pre-made food for sale and a barista ready to make all things tea, coffee and almond milk related.  There is a long bar with stools to sit on against a floor to ceiling window overlooking the tarmac.  Around the corner is a light-filled area with big tables and chairs, and smaller lounges and coffee tables with a view.  Fitness magazines and Lorna Jane books fill the shelves and pictures of Lorna Jane and framed motivational quotes adorn a gallery wall.  I had inadvertently stumbled into the Lorna Jane Active Living Room.  It’s quiet.  Peaceful.  Perfect.


I order a black tea at the counter and sit on a small couch overlooking the tarmac. My tea is served almost immediately and I spend 20 blissful minutes watching planes take off while sipping tea.

Lorna Jane Sydney Airport



I leave to find my gate feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

I will definitely spend time here before every flight from Sydney…

Maadz xox

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