How to Enjoy Winter 

I don’t like winter at all. Not one bit. I don’t like the extra time it takes to layer up.  I don’t like getting winter colds and flus. I don’t like that it’s dark when I leave work. I don’t like winter.

I know that it’s a first world problem and our Sydney winters are pretty mild… but the cold and windy weather makes me feel sad and miserable. (In fact, in some countries it’s actually a condition called ‘SADs’ or ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’!).

So I set about discovering ways to feel happy again during the cold season… And it worked! Here is what I did:

– Found warming and comforting soups, and soup noodle dishes to enjoy at lunch (and stayed away from cold sushi or Vietnamese rice paper rolls). 

– Found a few great TV shows to enjoy over the wintery months. (The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls for something fun and thanks to my boyfriend, I recently watched the doc0 OJ: Made in America which was clever and really interesting).

– Found some good books to read in front of a heater with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.  

– Found a cozy blanket from Uniqlo to curl up in.

– Found some new indoor exercises to love. I really enjoyed heated vinyasa yoga which is in a 30 degree room. They had me at 30 degrees! I’ve also been doing some home workouts via here that don’t require any equipment.  I just put some music on and get moving! No need to worry about parking, hair or the latest activewear! And it’s free…

– Wore bright colours and summer clothes with winter layers like summer dresses with tights, sweaters and a scarf to work.

Walked outside during lunchtimes to get some daylight and if possible, some sun.

Enjoyed these views in the middle of winter in Sydney. We are blessed with many winter days full of sunshine and bright blue skies and crisp air. 


I’ve found that I may actually be tolerating winter this year…

Do you like winter? 

Maadz xox

2 thoughts on “ How to Enjoy Winter 

  1. What a beautiful post! I think I have the winter sad season blues! Or something along those lines. I could definitely do with getting out in the sunshine more and enjoying some warmth whenever I can! Thanks for the inspiration.

    P.s. my blog is temporarily down.

    Joelyne xoxo

    1. Thanks Joelyne! Sounds like you are a summer girl too! Hope it warms up for the weekend.
      I noticed your blog is down the other night, I thought you might be revamping it or something? Hope all is ok. I’m so sad without my blog! Xoxo

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