5 of my Favourite Celebrity Chefs

I love watching TV cooking shows because I learn new techniques and find recipe inspiration. I also like watching certain hosts or celebrity chefs over others because of personality, recipes and cooking style.  Here are my 5 favourites (and I think the last one will surprise you!). 

1. Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook

I love Rachel Khoo’s fun, girly, warm, light-hearted and interesting cooking shows.  I enjoyed this series, in particular, because of the interesting locations she travelled to and the lighter recipes without as much butter and cream as her ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ series. 

2. Giada in Italy

Giada De Laurentiis shows us how to cook authentic Italian cuisine from her childhood in the beautiful Amalfi coast, like this delicious looking toasted bread topped with ricotta cheese and cocoa powder .  She’s fun and informative with plenty of great tips along the way.  I also find it funny when she switches on her Italian accent to pronounce words like ‘prosciutto’ or ‘ricotta’ (although I’m not sure she’s trying to be funny….!!).

3. The Spice of Life with Bal Arneson

Bal Arneson cooks Indian fusion meals like steak wraps with a spicy yogurt sauce, and scallops and prawns with a  spicy coconut sauce while going on adventures with her daughter and son.  She comes from a pretty tough background (which you can read about here) so it’s really inspiring to see such a strong and empowered woman doing so well with such positivity and enthusiasm. And her recipes are great too!

4. Mary Berry Cooks

I’ve only recently started watching Mary Berry and enjoy her home-style, hearty and relatively simple recipes.  She’s a little posh, elegant, (seems) lovely and uses old fashioned descriptions like ‘pour the sauce informally’ which makes me smile.


5. Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

I enjoyed this particular show because of the easy-ish recipes, great cooking tips, appearances by Mr Ramsay’s children and mother and surprisingly, his calm and approachable demeanour.  One of my friends was a pastry chef for him in London and said that he’s actually quite nice and approachable on a normal basis and puts on the brash and aggressive demeanour for his other shows.  So I personally enjoyed this particular show and even bought the cookbook and downloaded the app.

Do you have any favourite celebrity chefs? I’m always looking out for cooking show recommendations! Do you have any?

Maadz xox

Images via Pinterest

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