Weekends at the East Coast Lounge 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I’ve been frequenting the East Coast Lounge (ECL) at Chowder Bay quite a bit this winter. Miss M first took me there some time in June, and I’ve been back several times since then with my boyfriend, as well as Miss M.

I really didn’t want to tell you about it because it’s such a beautiful hidden gem with limited seating and I like that there’s still a few seats available every time I go. But. I am a Sydney lifestyle blogger and feel that it’s my duty to share these places with you. So.. here it goes..

ECL is located at the end of Chowder Bay Wharf in an unassuming little yellow building before the steps to the Ripples restaurant.


The interior is small with two rooms styled with Hampton’s-themed décor.  The first room is larger and has the counter area, kitchen, ‘THE lounge’ with a fireplace and smaller tables and lounges on the periphery.   The walls, side tables and shelves are filled with items to purchase such as candles, teas, cushions, alpaca blankets and travel books about India.





The second, smaller room at the back has a large dining table and smaller tables near the windows with more items to buy on the shelves.


Natural light floods in through the open doors and the windows and is amplified by the white walls and light colored décor.  Each window has a stunning water view show casing ‘my pretty Sydney’.



The service is friendly and moderately fast.  The food and drinks from the all day menu are delicious.

The grilled chicken tacos and toast with cultured butter and honey washed down with fresh juice, coffee and tea.


The toastie  with truffle pecorino, ham and tomato relish, and the bruschetta with tomatoes, mozzarella and jamon with cappuccino and coffee.


ECL is the perfect spot to catch up with the girls or, to go on your own and read a book or write. I highly recommend going in the late afternoon and sitting at one of the little tables at the back so you can admire the sunset over the water.

I hope you decide to give it a try. I’ll see you there if you do!

Maadz xox

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