5 things that made me happy lately

Gosh it’s been a while since I last wrote one of these posts because… well I haven’t been REALLY happy… Work, bathroom renovations, the flu and winter in general left me feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.  But looking back over the last couple of months, there were many moments when I was genuinely happy and not worrying about a work deadline, the cost of renovations or missing out because I was sick.

I wanted to share these moments with you and also remind you to reflect and remember 5 things that made you happy lately as well… because even if times have been tougher the usual, I’m sure there was SOMEthing – a great book, TV show or a sunny day – that made you blissfully happy…

1. Spotting these two beautiful peacocks at my parents’ place in Forest Lake, Brisbane.  The peacocks were forced to move when a residential apartment block was built on their marshy home.  I’m not sure they enjoy living in the suburbs but we enjoy seeing them around!

2. My mum’s amazing butter cake
which I brought back from Brissy and shared with my boyfriend’s family. My boyfriend’s mum, who is also an amazing cook, prepared a super fresh and delicious fruit salad with Californian peaches to eat with the cake. All made with love, all super tasty!

. Purchasing a ridiculous amount of  discounted Lorna Jane active wear at THE Lorna Jane headquarters in Brisbane. I even spotted Mr Clarkson and Lorna Jane’s parking spot…!!

4. Sun on winter days in Sydney.
We are pretty lucky to enjoy this kind of weather – even if I think it’s really cold!

5. Booking a holiday
with my boyfriend…. It’s been  while since we had a break so we are really enjoying some down time as we travel through San Fran, Montreal and Quebec.  I can’t wait to share some travel posts with you!

What has made you happy lately?! Ps you can follow me on Instagram for more updates! 

Maadz xox

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