My Pretty Sydney turns 4 years old!

Last Friday on the 2nd of September, my blog/creative outlet/ little corner of the interweb turned four years old.  Four years old!

As you know from my last birthday blog post, blogging isn’t easy because it’s time and energy consuming with little monetary rewards. But I continue to enjoy it because of the little things like invitations from PR agencies and connecting with other bloggers.  

I’ve also gained so many new skills and so much knowledge from writing and maintaining this blog.  My writing skills have improved and I have learned so much about social media, technology, photography and surprisingly, relationship management (with PR agencies and brands).  I’m so glad that I have this blog and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it!

So this year, I thought I would talk about three changes over the past year.  (I tried to think of four to mark four years, but I could only think of three…!!!)

Here they are:

I really enjoy writing these posts but always feel a bit nervous when I publish them.  They are personal and I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve – or in this case, on my blog.  But I’ve received positive responses for all of them so I think I’ll continue to write some more personal posts.  This is a ‘personal’ lifestyle blog after all!

  • I haven’t written any fashion and style posts for a while now because I haven’t been feeling very fashionable!  I find that as I’m getting older, I prefer to spend my money on boring, grown-up things like my mortgage or travel.  I also don’t follow the ‘active wear’ (or gym gear) fashion trend like most other girls in Sydney (watch this ridiculously funny video about it here) because I find my gym clothes are tight and uncomfortable for anything but working out in! But after going overseas and gaining some perspective (as I always do after travelling!), I feel inspired to put together a few fashion posts again! Watch this space!
  • I’ve been interacting with other bloggers and Instagrammers. I guess I was a little shy in the internet world and kept to myself in the first few years.  But this year, I started commenting on other amazing blogs and Instagram accounts that I genuinely liked.  And it’s a really lovely and warm feeling when someone writes back or stops by my blog! A connection over the internet – how amazing is that?!  My fave bloggers who I’ve connected with are:

Thank you so much for reading this post and being part of my blogging journey!

Maadz xox

First picture via Miss Cake Ish.

3 thoughts on “My Pretty Sydney turns 4 years old!

  1. Hey there! Well done on your 4 year blog anniversary!
    How awesome is that?!

    Omigosh…I really dislike this active wear trend and I refuse to wear my gym gear anywhere but the gym! Glad I’m not the only there 🙂

    Thanks so much for the lovely mention as well. It has been wonderful connecting with you and reading your posts.

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