How to Achieve Personal Goals with ‘Promise or Pay’

I’m starting to set myself new health and lifestyle goals to stay happy, healthy and calm during the warmer months because it’s finally spring in Sydney! I seem to have more time for relaxed mornings, exercise and meditating because work isn’t as busy and I don’t get sick as often in the summer. 

But sticking to a new habit and achieving these goals can be hard because something usually gets in the way – life, work or just a lack of motivation.  What usually helps me is to tell someone – or EVERYone!   Somehow, having to be accountable to someone other than myself is the perfect motivation to try and achieve my goal.    

Another reason – the biggest reason – that motivates me is knowing that there’s a price to pay. I lose money if I don’t go to pole classes or the gym. I become sick and sluggish if I don’t eat well. I become anxious and stressed if I don’t mediate. Knowing that there’s a price to pay – monetary or otherwise – is also a good reason to get motivated. 

So I was very interested to learn about Promise or Pay, a new and unique way to track personal health and lifestyle goals by sharing on social media AND ‘pay’ by giving to charity!  

Here’s how to do it….

1.        Simply promise to make a positive behavioral change to transform your life like – start a healthy morning routine, try a pole dancing class or be a more conscious consumer.   Here are some other ideas.

2.       Sign up and select a charity to ‘pay’ (or donate to) if you don’t keep your promise like The Footpath Library (which makes books accessible to the homeless and disadvantaged) or the Children’s Cancer Institute.

3.       Share you promise page with friends to get their support.  This will help to keep you motivated because everyone is now watching whether you kick that goal…  Supporters simply click on the big ‘Support Me’ button and donate if, and only if, you keep your promise.

If you…

  • …don’t keep your promise, then you pay. 
  • …keep your promise, you can still make a donation OR make another promise since you were so good at keeping the first one!

I made a promise to meditate daily from August 3rd until this Sunday and donate to the Footpath Library if I don’t.  I broke my promise a few times because I had the flu AND travelled overseas (beginner meditation in Economy class on a 14 hour flight is tough), so I’ll be paying….  You can also support me here.


I hope you try it too!

Maadz xo

Images via Pinterst


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