Crepes at French Frogs Creperie in Mosman

A couple of weeks after our trip to French Canada, we tried the French Frogs Creperie in Mosman because we missed crepes so much!

This little café is tucked into a corner on Avenue Road in Mosman right next to the Cupcake Bakery.  The interior is long and narrow with quite a bit of seating and has French themed décor. There is also plenty of seating outside as well in the quiet back street with very few cars passing by.  Each table setting has a menu on a large sheet of paper which can be turned over for little kids to draw on with the colouring pencils provided.  Both of the times we visited was on a Sunday morning so the café was filled with lots of young families and couples.

The café was started by four French men – the ‘frogs’ – who (according to their website) came to Australia and loved it here but couldn’t find any excellent crepes.  

So they started their own café specializing in crepes (sweet) and galettes (savoury crepes) with a café in Mosman and Circular Quay.

My boyfriend and I both tried galettes on our first visit which are savoury crepes made with buckwheat flour milled at the store itself, with delicious and fresh savoury toppings.  He tried a heavier galette with potato, onion and raclette cheese while I opted for one with spinach, feta, ham and eggs.  My boyfriend also loved his French Frogs branded coffee.

On our second visit, my boyfriend enjoyed a simple, sweet crepe with burnt butter and cinnamon while I had a vegetarian galette with spinach, feta, mushrooms and avocado.  We both finished our meals this time and washed it all down with coffees and tea.

The service is friendly, the meals are brought out fairly quickly and the food is delicious. I highly recommend a visit to the Mosman café.  I can’t wait to try the branch in Circular Quay as well.

 Have you been? What do you think? 

Maadz xox

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