Spicy Thai Dinners at Long Chim, Sydney

My lovely friend Dee and I caught up over dinner at Long Chim a few weeks ago. This new Thai restaurant is located in the Sydney CBD near the Ivy complex with a large neon sign at the entrance that you can’t miss. The restaurant is inside a dimly lit, spacious basement with plenty of cosy seating at tables or booths. It’s a casual setting with Thai artwork, murals and graffiti on the exposed brick walls. 

It was quiet when we arrived for our early 6pm booking, but the atmosphere turned buzzy and lively as the restaurant filled up with the ‘after-work’ crowd. It was the Melbourne Cup evening (for non Aussie readers, this is basically a horse race that the entire country celebrates and stops to watch – silly, if you ask me) so the city was packed with party go-ers who had been out all day (which explains why there was a police car parked outside the restaurant….). 

After we sat down, the waitress informed us that we couldn’t order the noodle dishes (not sure why – maybe they ran out of noodles?)…. I was sad because I’d been hanging out for a pad thai all day but I got over it when I saw all the other delicious items on the menu.

Dee and I shared a tasty entree of chive cakes with chilli and dark soy sauce…. 

….followed by a delicious main meal of papaya salad, ribs in a spicy curry paste and a green chicken curry.

Dee was (and perhaps still is?) on a ‘no carbs in the evening’ diet so she didn’t order rice on the side… But I did! I can’t eat a spicy curry sauce without steaming, fragrant, jasmine rice. I think Dee feels the same way so I was impressed by her discipline not to cave in to the carbs! 

The amount of food we ordered was perfect for the two of us, considering Dee had eaten a late lunch. Everything was delicious and very spicy which was fine for two Sri Lankan Australian. But I have to admit, even I had to blow my nose several times and drink plenty of water because it was REALLY hot.  Apparently this spicy kick is what Long Chim (which is also in Perth and Singapore) is known for so be sure to let them know if you prefer your curries on the milder side. 

The staff were lovely and even offered to take our photo when they saw us taking our flatlay photos of our dinner. (Dee is a foodie Instagrammer – you can follow her here!) Our meal was delivered quickly and the wait staff came to our table several times to check if we were enjoying our meal and to re-fill our glasses of water. 

I highly recommend Long Chim for a very delicious (and spicy!) Thai feast in the city with a date, a friend, or a group of friends or family.

Maadz xox

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