Stationery for a Balanced Life in 2017

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that 2016 was a tough year.  I was very busy at work – even though I was learning a lot – and I had to prioritize my career and family during a tough time in October which forced me to rethink my priorities and goals.  I usually have a lot going on outside of work and subscribe to the ‘keep myself busy’ lifestyle.  When someone would ask me how I was, saying ‘I’m so busy’ always seemed like the best answer.  But.  I realized that maybe being ‘so busy’ wasn’t the right way to live at all. I felt exhausted all the time and everything – even fun things like my Pilates classes, Kiva editing and blogging – seemed like a chore. 

That’s why in 2017, I plan to find more balance and prioritize free time for myself.  Free time to meditate, take naps, read a book, listen to music or write in my journal.

I have some lovely new stationery to help with these goals and wanted to share them with you:

  1.  My Amelia Lane Paper Life Designer. This little folder contains a 365 day diary as well as sections on meal planning and exercising, goal setting and budgeting.  It also has a vision board at the beginning for not only Career but also Spiritual, Family and Relationship Goals.  I think this is great for anyone wanting to design their life in a new way and focus on something like being mindful and more spiritual or health and fitness.

2. My Body Buddhaful Journal which I am almost halfway through.  For 12 weeks I have to write in this journal at the end of each day. (I’m more than halfway through at 7 weeks now).  I have to write what exercises I have completed and how I feel; what I have eaten including portion sizes and how that makes me feel; and something different for each day like ‘What are you grateful for?’ or ‘How have you made someone else happy today?’.  After just one week of using this journal – honestly, of course – I have pushed myself to do some form of exercise (a simple walk of 20 min gym workout) and eat mindfully.  I also feel happy after writing what I’m grateful for or how I made someone else happy (hopefully!).


3. My Kikki K List (that my gorgeous friend Miss C gave me for Xmas).  I have no excuses not to be organised and balanced with this list!

What are your goals/priorities for 2017? What’s your fave stationery to help you stay balanced and/or organized?

Maadz xox


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