5 things that made me happy lately

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote one of these posts (which you can read here) and not all of it has been happy. But it’s during those times that it’s especially important to reflect on the happy moments.  Here are a 5 of mine – and surprise, surprise, a LOT of it revolved around food, friends, family and exercise.

1. Catching up with old friends who are living in other countries. 

I caught up with three of my gorgeous girlfriends who are all living overseas (Mari, Miss C and Miss YKK and her husband in person and, Miss J over the phone).  It’s so nice to connect with old friends who know you so well.  You don’t need to tell them the back story to anything.  They just get you.

I wanted to share the photos from my night out with Miss C.  We sipped on lemon, lime and bitters (which is hard to find in the States) drinks at Hotel Palisades followed by delicious Thai at Mum Muum in Barangaroo.

2.Speaking of Barangaroo, I enjoyed a delicious Spanish tapas lunch with my work team at Born by Tapavino.

3. I spent a lot of time in Brisbane with my parents lately which always includes daily walks around the pretty lake.  When my boyfriend visited, we took a break during our walk for warm beverages with pretty views at Simple Bliss.  Stunning!

4. Instead of cooking at home during the 40 degree, heat wave days, my boyfriend and I walked to Kirribilli for dinner and gelato.  We loved this little Asian Tapas restaurant where we ordered too much but enjoyed every bite!

5. And to work off all the food I consumed,  I tried a Barre Class at this beautiful studio.  I accidentally booked into the Barre Cardio class which is meant to be more intense than a regular Barre class… Oops.  But it was a REALLY GREAT workout.

I hope you’ve been enjoying some happy moments lately!

Maadz xox


2 thoughts on “5 things that made me happy lately

    1. Really?! It’s a new fad I think. The version I tried was a cardio class and it was hard! Definitely more intense than yoga. But a good workout!
      Yes Brisbane is always lovely! Especially now that it’s a bit cooler!! :)?

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