Breakfast for One at East Coast Lounge

I’m an introvert.  That means that I become drained from being around people. It’s not that I’m not sociable.  I LOVE to see my friends, meet new people and go out.  It’s just that being sociable drains my energy and I need to recharge alone before being sociable all over again.  That is, I need to take a day – or two! – to be completely alone.  To not talk.  To read, write, meditate, cook or create.  On my own. (Which is why I love blogging!)

On one such occasion, I took myself out to breakfast at one of my favourite restaurants – the East Coast Lounge (which I first wrote about here).  It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in early spring. My boyfriend was out playing golf and I had no breakfast plans with any of my friends.  I could have reached out to a girlfriend but… It had been a very busy week with lots of meetings and presentations and my energy levels were down.  I couldn’t switch my mind off work because I knew I had to log in that evening and prepare for another big presentation later in the week.  I just wanted to be alone. I didn’t call anyone and instead, sat down at a table to eat breakfast alone. Other people may think it sounds sad, but it’s eating alone is something I really enjoy.  I also find that it helps to really taste the meal because I am so focussed on eating rather than eating and talking.  

It was hard on that particular day to get my mind off my worries, even after my lovely breakfast for one with a gorgeous view followed by a walk on the beach afterwards.  But it definitely helped me to relax and recharge a little bit before heading back to work on Monday. 










Maadz xox

2 thoughts on “Breakfast for One at East Coast Lounge

  1. Hi Maadz,

    I have been following your blog from time to time as I think it reflects really of what I feel sometimes! I love reading your blog as it makes me feel that there are people out there who have encountered the similar things emotionally or mentally even! I feel quite connected to this post especially! Hope you have had a good week and keep it up !

    Cheers , s

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