Our Stay at The Loch in Berrima

My boyfriend has a knack for finding unique accommodation options like The Loch – a cosy converted barn in Berrima, in the Southern Highlands in NSW. He found it less than a week before our weekend away so we were very lucky that a room was available. 



There are 4 rooms to choose from. During our stay, however, only 2 other rooms were occupied by a really friendly and lovely family.  

The Loch is a ‘bed-and-breakfast’ run by husband and wife team Kevin and Bridget who made our stay comfortable and homely. Kevin and his dog Raffles waited at the gates with a light when we couldn’t find the farm late on Friday night (as we left Sydney a bit later than expected). Bridget was there to greet us in the mornings in the kitchen with a delicious breakfast. 

In the morning we woke up to a pleasant view of paddocks with sleeping horses. The warm and comforting smells of a cooked breakfast wafted into the bedroom and was more than enough to get me out of bed.

On the Sunday morning we padded out to the kitchen in our pajamas and had tea on the balcony. We ate the cooked breakfast of poached eggs with a potato hash (created by Bridget who is also a Le Cordon Bleu qualified chef), smoked salmon and a spicy dough dough bread  with the other guests at a big table in the sunlit kitchen. 




On Sundays The Loch has a restaurant and a farmer’s market where they sell fresh produce from their own farm. We didn’t stay for lunch (as we had just finished the big breakfast!) but we did stock up on some fresh produce which I cooked and enjoyed the next day. 






The highlight (for me) from the weekend was when my boyfriend and I returned from dinner, stepped out of the car and noticed the inky black sky lit up with stars. As ‘city people’ we never get to see something so amazing. It had to be something to do with the farm being a big open space and the cloudless sky.  It was breathtaking and I could have kept gazing more if my neck hadn’t started to hurt. 

I loved our time at the Loch and will definitely stay there again.  I really recommend it – book it out with a bunch of friends, other couples or some families.  Or just go by yourselves and meet some new guests like we did.  It’s a quiet and relaxing experience, and you’ll come back to the city feeling refreshed.

Maadz xox

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