Keeping Fit in Sydney

I let my fitness slide in the last few months because I was very busy and had an awful cough and virus for a little while. During this time I did light Pilates workouts instead of more intensive pole or cardio fitness.  So about a month ago, I shouldn’t have been surprised when one of my favourite shirts didn’t fit me properly anymore… It was enough to make me stop, re-assess my fitness goals and start working out again. I’m definitely feeling better after a month of being back into pole (after a 6 month break which has been tough!) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) training at the gym or at home through my Nike workout app. I guess the key is to do different types of workouts and classes so that I don’t plateau.

If you’re also looking for some new classes to keep fit in the Sydney CBD, here is a list of all the classes I have tried. If you’re more into team sports, then read my friend Mari’s post here for more details.

F45 (Different locations in the city)

This is a 45 minute workout based on the latest ‘HIIT’ – high intensity interval training – which is meant to make you lose weight and tone up faster.  They start by showing you what the exercises are (all in under 2 minutes), a quick warm up and then they put you in small groups where you work out at each station together.  I was a little worried about other people in the class seeing me work out (and fail!) but you don’t notice anyone else because you are busy working out at your own station. The instructors are the only ones looking out to help and guide you. Plus it’s totally ok if you can’t do a move, they just make sure you keep moving or take a rest while doing a wall sit. It’s an intense workout but you can go at your own fitness level because there are different weights at each station from light to very heavy.  I liked F45 but my only problem is that it’s fairly expensive and you’re paying for classes rather than a gym where you can go at anytime or do a low intensity workout when you’re tired.  I think it’s best if you want to lose weight and tone up fast. 


Scenic Cycle (Phillip Street)

This is one of my favourite workouts and I can’t wait to get back into it once I’ve gotten my fitness levels back up.  Scenic Cycle a spin class with a twist.  There are two big screens at the front of the class where there is footage from when the owner went riding around the world.  So you watch amazing scenery and feel as if you are travelling the roads yourself while listening to music.  The instructor tells you to increase your gears when you hit a mountain or go faster when you see another cyclist in the distance and have to overtake.  It’s 45 minutes without a break, and one of the tracks is using weights only to get a full body workout. The classes are by destination or music – so you could go to Montreal, Barcelona or NYC or you could attend a 90s music or RnB class where each track has a different scenic destination (around the world). At just $25 for a lesson, I think it’s fully worth it.



Pole Dancing at Bobbi’s or Miss Fit

I danced at Bobbi’s for about 3 years and now I’ve made a switch to Miss Fit in Artarmon.  Both studios offer a bunch of classes and a great workout.  The class is an hour long and starts with a 20 minute warm up, followed by learning new tricks and perfecting your technique for about 20 mins and we finish the class with a routine that we learn throughout the term and perform at the end of the term (if you like!).  This is a commitment  because each class is one whole hour and you need to sign up for an entire 8 week term. But it’s worth it! It’s fun, challenging and a full body workout. 


Women’s Boxing (Ultimate Fitness Centre, Kent Street)

The name is as intimidating as the studio itself…  This is basically a huge garage with the roller doors up all the time, and two boxing rings, a few boxing bags and an area for a cross fit sort of workout.  I tried the Womens’ Boxing class which was a great workout but very competitive, tough and the whole studio felt male dominated.  It’s not for me, but it may be for you so I recommend trying it before deciding whether or not it’s for you!


Barre Body Cardio (Sydney City)  

The studio is gorgeous, the teacher was energetic and the 45 min workout was fabulous.  The location is just a bit too far for me.  I think it’s also a bit pricey, especially if you are not going very often.  The class I did was a cardio workout which combined some moves at the barre – think lots of pulsing and ab work – as well as moves with weights and lots of cardio like star jumps, lunges etc.


Reformer Pilates at Elixr (Bligh Street)

This is a moderate 45 minute workout that helps to strengthen your core and shoulders mainly.  The entire class is using your a reformer bed.  There are only about 30 beds so you have to get to the studio early to reserve your place.  It’s generally a good workout depending on the teacher but it won’t leave you sweating which is great if you need to get back to the office quickly.  But it’s not so good for weight loss – it’s a supplement to other exercises. 


Yoga at Life Balance Hunter Street

This is studio is in the heart of the city with wooden floors, natural lighting, great teachers and a bunch of classes at convenient times which allows me to rush back to the office on time. Classes times and levels vary so you can pick which one best fits your schedule and intensity level. 


At Home Workouts

And if it’s raining, cold, dreary and you don’t feel like going out… then download a workout on the: 

Nike Fitness App – it’s free, has videos and a voiceover to demonstrate the exercises and has a range of workouts for all fitness levels, without equipment or using a full gym and are set for  various times from 5 mins to 45 mins. You can also sync your workout to your iTunes playlist.  

Daily XHit – energetic, fun and a great workout for girls. 


Maadz xo

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