Hunter Valley Cheese Lovers Festival

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I headed to the Hunter Valley region for the annual Cheese Lovers Festival.

The Hunter Valley is a wine region in New South Wales and is an easy 2 and a half hour drive from Sydney.  Even for the non-drinkers (like me), there is plenty to see, do and eat with beautiful vineyards, lovely walks, shopping, and fresh produce from the surrounding areas.

The Cheese Lovers Festival is held once a year over an entire weekend, and this year it was held at the lovely Sebel Kirkton Park.  

We arrived at the festival on Sunday after a restful sleep at the H Boutique Hotel and were blown away by the sheer number of cars parked and people at the festival grounds – and it was the second day, so I can only imagine what the Saturday would have been like!




We wandered around looking at the various stalls, trying different types of cheese with crackers and even a cheese/rose water dessert (which was delicious for the first few bites only).  I’m not good with dairy but I can always have a few bites of cheese (hard cheese is best for me although I love soft cheeses like brie!).  


Cheese Lovers Festival Hunter Valley




There are plenty of areas to sit down – under cover at long tables or you can bring a picnic blanket and listen to the live music while gazing at views of the surrounding wineries, rolling green hills and bright blue skies.





DSC_0780 (1)

We didn’t have too many hours to spend as we had to get back to Sydney but we had a lovely time and came home with lots of goodies for ourselves and to give away.

I highly recommend going to the festival if you like cheese and all the good things that go with it like wine, crackers, cold meats and bread.  Round up your girlfriends or take your partner, grab a picnic blanket, take wads of cash (as there is only one ATM in the park, see photo above) and enjoy a day of eating, drinking, relaxing in the sun and listening to live music with a backdrop of the Hunter Valley region.


And a big THANK YOU to our lovely friend Mrs Event Birdie for the tickets.  She is the person you need to speak to if you are looking for a venue, caterer or supplier for your event.

Maadz xox


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