Meandering in Sydney and Lunch at Bodhi Restaurant

On an unusually warm Sunday in winter, I decided to take myself out to see Sydney like a tourist again.  It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about a day out in Sydney because we have been travelling or spending weekends recovering from busy work weeks.  But for some reason, I had some extra energy this weekend and when my boyfriend said he was playing golf, I took the opportunity to take my camera out and wander by myself.

I walked and walked and walked through Kirribilli, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, around Circular Quay and through the Botanic Gardens until I reached the Art Gallery of NSW.



I had been wanting to go to the Art Gallery but I was hungry so I wandered a little further to a Bodhi, a vegetarian restaurant I had been wanting to try for a little while now.  The restaurant is tucked on the mezzanine level of College Street with seating inside and outside under the trees.  I had to wait just 5 minutes for my table for one and was seated inside with a lovely view of the trees and the warm ‘summer’ breeze blowing in through the open air restaurant.  The restaurant was busy and as soon as I sat down, the waiters and waitresses began bringing dishes of steamed goodness around for me to pick. I was a bit limited because I was on my own and each dish came with 3 servings.  So I chose steamed buns with vegetables; broccoli, carrot and ginger dumplings and; bok choy dumplings.  It was all very delicious and wholesome.  It was, however, a little pricey at $7 a dish.


Afterwards I walked towards the Art Gallery but decided to take a cab home to sit on the couch and read.  What a perfect Sunday.

Maadz xox

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