Camp Okavango Delta in Botswana

This camp (also by Desert and Delta) was based on the myriad of waterways created by the rainfall from Angola.  There are no jeep safari game drives here.  Instead you can take a canoe ride or boat cruise on the delta, or a walking safari through the jungle.  We opted for the boat cruise only and skipped the canoe ride and the walking safari.  For one thing, it was our last camp and we were simply exhausted after all the bumpy and hot light aircraft rides, 6am wake up calls and bumpy game drives coupled with jet lag and adjusting to the new environment. But really – we were too scared! By that time we had experienced many adrenaline inducing activities and just wanted a rest in our beautiful little villa and surroundings.

The boat cruise was relaxing as we sped through the tall reeds and papyrus plants that lined the narrow waterways.  We stopped every so often to learn about a plant, or look at the different colourful birds, baby crocs and of course a big hippo in the hippo pool.  We kept our distance but I was still scared! He lifted his ears and eyes out of the water and gazed at us for a few minutes.  Then went back in the water… before coming back up to gaze at us again.  I was glad when our guide turned our boat around and sped away into the sunset.  According to our guide, the hippo turned the other way and walked off under water anyway, but I was glad we didn’t wait to find out which direction he was walking going…


We stopped for a sundowner and got out of the boat to stretch our legs while our guide prepared our snacks and drinks perfectly.

When we got off the boat, my boyfriend and I watched the sun setting over the marshy delta for a while because it was our last sunset in Botswana – well for this trip anyway!

​​Maadz xox

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