My Pretty Sydney Turned 5…

… in September and I didn’t get a chance to tell you! I was too busy traveling or working that I couldn’t stop to sit down and reflect.  But at the end of another busy year, I finally have some time to write an anniversary post and tell you about my lack of direction with the blog this year.

The story about how this blog started goes something like this…

My Pretty Sydney was launched on Sunday the 2nd September 2012 at a corner table at the Art Gallery of NSW café after my lovely friend Mari and I had looked at an exhibition. Our aim was to be a girly guide to Sydney, an online community for interstate and foreign girls moving here for the first time, as well as locals looking for things to do, see and eat in Sydney. Our first post introducing the blog is here and Mari wrote our first real post here.

Six months later, Mari moved to New York leaving me to run MPS as more of a personal blog. It was sad to see her go and I missed her contributions and ideas for MPS (in addition to her friendship of course!). The frequency of posts decreased as a result so I gave myself a goal to post 3 times a week at least. Pretty soon I realized this was a stretch given that I have a full time job in the financial services industry, so I paired it back to once a week. There was another lull between August and December 2013 when I first started dating my lovely boyfriend and went off the radar. But I got back into it in 2014 and published a post at least once a month until the end of 2016.


Fast forward to 2017….

But this year, my publishing rate has decreased dramatically.  I also didn’t post a lot of blogs on the theme – Sydney.  I can pinpoint 2 big reasons as to why..

The first reason is that this year has been much busier than previous years at my day job.  I put the blog on the back burner because work became overwhelming.  The last thing I needed after a long work day or week was to pick up a laptop, stare at another bright screen and string sentences together.

But the second reason – probably the biggest reason – is that I’m not feeling this blog anymore… I don’t feel like it represents who I am now.

When I started it, I was 27, single and back in Sydney after a stint abroad.  I enjoyed going out, eating at new restaurants, trying new bars, meeting new people and enjoying the city.  I had a lot more time and energy back then too!

Now, I’m 32 years old, in a relationship and have been back in Sydney for quite some time.  I don’t enjoy eating out so much anymore and prefer to cook instead.  If we do go out, I don’t mind fine dining occasionally but I like eating at hearty restaurants with fresh food or home-style cooking.  I also haven’t been to a bar or nightclub in a few years now!! Instead, I read books and blogs, meditate, listen to podcasts or music or go to a pole dancing class or the gym.   And I’m perfectly happy with that.

I guess I grew up.

Where this blog is going next…

I’m not sure what this space will look like in 2018, but I definitely want to blog and write more than I did in 2017.  The content is likely to be quite different from what I originally envisioned – but I guess that’s what a personal lifestyle blog is all about.  It will evolve as the person behind the space grows and evolves.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you stay for the next set of blogs!

Maadz xox


2 thoughts on “My Pretty Sydney Turned 5…

  1. Hi Maadz, I have the same thought as you as what you have mentioned in this blog ! I guess we have grown up and are still ! Thanks again for your thoughtful writing .

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