Life lately…

I don’t know about you, but the first three months of this year have whirled past so quickly! My mindfulness and meditation practice has kept me sane as I dealt with insurance claims, celebrating our engagement, wedding planning and working hard at the office amongst many other things.  Most of these events have been wonderful and even the bad ones have turned out somewhat positive – but they have all consumed my time and energy! So my morning meditation practice and focusing on each task efficiently and mindfully has helped me to conserve some energy to pour into a few things I enjoy like reading, cooking, exercising and spending quality time with my friends and family.  I like to try to be present during each activity – immersing myself in a great book, cooking a healthy meal with love, exercising mindfully so that I don’t hurt myself and being present during each and every conversation.

But this also meant I haven’t had time – or inspiration – to blog… Somehow, it’s always when I’m back at my parents’ place in Brisbane feeling relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of my Sydney life that I find time to reflect and write… So I thought I would reflect on my life lately during the last 3 months.

I kick-started the year with a cheese and tomato toastie, half a Danish pastry and coffee (while my then boyfriend, now fiancé had a baguette).  I was still recovering from a flu at the time so I had ramen noodles for dinner.  I debated whether it was a good idea to start the year with such an unhealthy meal… but it was so comforting and delicious and soothed my headache ever so slightly.  I really don’t regret it one bit.

I read ‘Anil’s Ghost’ by Michael Ondaatje (and this coffee is my partner’s – I don’t drink coffee!). I was captivated and finished it in 3 days.  I have a vested interest in the story because it’s about the Sri Lankan civil war.  But it’s also beautifully written with powerful and deep messages.  A great book, especially for those wanting to learn more about Sri Lanka’s rich history.

We spent a week in Tasmania and it was possibly the last time I felt fully relaxed! I’ll share all the photos later (as I haven’t had time to upload and sift through them yet).  We ate fresh food, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, cooled off in the most beautiful turquoise water and slept a lot.  Since then, it’s been go-go-go! But I’m glad we had that week to relax before life became busy.

My boyfriend and I got engaged! Which is lovely and exciting but also a bit stressful with wedding planning.  I’m grateful for my Amelia Lane Wedding Designer and my yearly diary that is helping me to stay organised and on top of things.

My best friend and I spent 24 hours in Bowral to celebrate 25 years of friendship.  It was the perfect meeting point as she lives in Canberra and I live in Sydney.  I didn’t take my camera with me because I wanted to relax and enjoy the experience.  But I kind of wish I did in hindsight! We stayed at the Gibraltar Hotel which exceeded our expectations and doesn’t look anything like the photos on Trip Advisor! We celebrated our anniversary with pasta and ice cream at Onesta Cucina on the Friday night.

The next day, we stopped at the Bradman Museum (for my dad!), shopped along the Main Street and enjoyed a long lunch in the sun at the Book Barn.  We also bought plenty of books afterwards.  We stopped back in Bowral for juice and a sweet treat before parting ways.

I also read a fabulously good book recommended to me by my future mother-in-law.  ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman – one of the best books I have read in a while.  I stayed up until 1am on a Saturday night to finish it and then spent about half an hour afterwards googling forums and reviews! A great one for a book club.

How has the first quarter of the year been for you?

Maadz xox

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