When life doesn’t go according to plan…

The last 3 months have certainly been far from any of the plans we had. Our plans have just been put on hold for a little while (and hopefully not too much longer).

My lifestyle changed overnight and I don’t have a regular routine at the moment. I’m traveling for work again which has added to the disruption. Just last week, I spent Saturday night at my parents-in-laws’ home in Sydney, Sunday night at our apartment in Sydney, Monday night at a hotel in Auckland, Tuesday night at a hotel in Brisbane and Wednesday to Saturday at my parents’ home in Brisbane before flying out on Sunday back to Sydney. It’s actually been kind of fun and whirlwind but I miss our regular routine at home a lot.

There have been a few things that have kept me grounded during this time which are:

  • Meditating every morning. I set my alarm clock 10-15 minutes before I need to start getting ready regardless of which Timezone I’m in so that I can meditate.
  • Exercise at least every second day. This is limited to Pilates, walking and at-home workouts at the moment. Sometimes I’ll try a new Barre or Pilates class in a different location which has been fun. It makes me feel like I’m on holidays!
  • Eating an unhealthy treat once or twice a week. I eat healthily on most days but it’s nice to eat a piece of chocolate or a packet of chips once a week or so, just to treat myself to surviving the disruption .
  • Tea all day. Because tea helps with any situation really. I switch to herbal teas from about 6pm onwards which helps me to sleep better.
  • Speaking to girlfriends: whatsapp chats, sushi dinners, burgers and fashion shows, brunches and text messages with lots of giggles and perspective… I’m lucky to have these lovely friends in my life!
  • Watching YouTube. I tend to watch things rather than read when work is busy (because I read and write all day). So there’s nothing more relaxing than watching vlog by Niomi Smart, Venetia Falconer, the Real Leyla, Mimi Ikonn, Healthnut Nutrition or Pick Up Limes.
  • Journaling. Maybe once a week. It’s helping to sort everything out in my mind, set some mini goals (fitness or eating healthily) for myself and keep me calm and happy.



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