My Favourite Moments in Italy

I’ve wanted to post about our trip to Italy but haven’t had the creative energy to sit down and put together a post until now… 6 months later!

We were in Italy for my brother-in-law’s wedding which was a beautiful and magical part of the trip in itself. They were married in a lovely old abbey, and afterwards we celebrated with about 5 courses of delicious food in a beautiful rustic setting in the Italian countryside.

My favourite moments of the trip were…

We escaped the crowds in Positano (note to self, don’t go to Positano in August) and hired a driver to take us further up the mountain to Ravello. It was cooler and quiet with beautiful picture postcard views from every corner.

On our first day we visited the gardens.
The next evening, we returned to watch the opera in an open air theatre with a backdrop of the sea and mountains.

Before the opera we ate tapas and gazed at a beautiful view. After the opera, we ate dinner at a hotel with another stunning view before racing back to our car to take us to Positano. It was easily one of the most magical nights in my life so far.






We had a personal tour guide which I think makes all the difference when visiting ancient ruins. I loved learning about the way people lived during that time (79AD) and what happened on that fateful day. It was fascinating to see the streets and houses where people lived, and even the track marks from the chariots etched into the road.


These photos look lovely. But I think we went at the wrong time of the year because it was packed with people. And a lot of girls with their Instagram husbands in tow. Nevertheless, it was beautiful. And we enjoyed many days reading on the balcony with views like this….




Waking up early on our last morning in the city to take photos and soak it in without the crowds.


All the glorious and delicious food.

Healthy eats that resemble food from home at Casa e Bottega Positano

Club sandwiches with all the fries at Hotel Poseidon Positano

Fine dining at Ristorante All’Oro Roma

The best tiramisu in Italy (apparently!) at Two Sizes

The breakfast spread at Hotel Palazzo Scanderberg.

And more….

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