Work travel

I travelled a lot in my old job. It was interesting to see different cities. Although to be honest, most Australian cities look the same. And you never really see more than out the window during the taxi ride to the hotel, the city (which looks like every other Australian city), the boardroom for the meeting and the airport. It was also very tiring. I felt anxious about getting to the airport and meetings on time. I also missed my husband and routine back at home. It was a privilege and I learned a lot. But I’m happy to see the back of it for now at least.

My last long work trip was to Perth at the end of July. I decided to make the most of it and chronicle as much as possible on my iPhone.

During this trip, I decided to take myself out to a cheap and cheerful sushi restaurant for spicy sushi rolls and a salmon and avocado salad. It was nice to try something new and healthy, and avoid eating a room service dinner in a stuffy hotel. It’s never as fun when you’re travelling for work.

The next morning though, I enjoyed breakfast and reading the paper in bed before the meeting.

After the meeting (which was around 4 hours!), I logged in to check a few emails, then took myself for a stroll around the city. I worked out at the hotel gym, ordered room service for dinner (as it was too late to wander around on my own) and watched TV in bed. I also bought a book during my walk which I read while eating healthy snacks. The next day was the BEST day. It was HOME time!!!

Although it was a long trip, I felt a bit grateful to have some down time following a particularly busy period of selling apartments, buying a house, busy season at my old role, preparing to speak at a conference and interviewing for a new role.

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