Cooking adventures

I have always appreciated the abundance and variety of fresh food and products available to us in Australia. And I appreciate it so much since this pandemic began.

We went through a few weeks where we had to make do with whatever was available. We also haven’t bought takeaway since March, and have been eating all meals from home. I miss getting takeaway on a Friday night or weeknight when I have to work late. But we have had frozen meals in our freezer like sausage rolls, that we pop into the oven and enjoy with frozen vegetables on the side.

As always, I enjoy all my food, and take photos along the way. Here are a few of my food snaps so far…

A quick salad thrown together with boiled eggs, potatoes and frozen beans with red onion, tuna and balsamic vinegar.
Egg stir fry with zucchini and capsicum, bacon and fried leftover mashed potatoes made into patties
Naan bread pizzas with chutney, capsicum, red onion, pulled chicken and cheese.
A quick and easy dinner consisting of a sausage roll and tuna patty (pre-made by our local butcher), a Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage roll (pre-made also), frozen beans and leftover salad.
Fried rice, a can of tuna and fried eggs.
My first attempt at making sushi!
‘One night in’ taco kit – such a quick Sunday night dinner.
Baked pancakes, recipe by Nadiya Hussein
Baked eggs made in my new frittata pan!

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