Well a lot has changed since my last post in January. We had the Australian bushfires closely followed by a global pandemic.

We have been working from home for around two months now.

Things I miss

I miss my parents in Brisbane and the comforting knowledge that I can jump on a plane to see them whenever. I miss my parents-in-law and family in general. I miss takeaway on a Friday night and cafe breakfasts on weekends. I miss the freedom of leaving our house without worrying about distancing ourselves from other people. I miss putting groceries away without disinfecting them first.

They are all ‘champagne’ problems though.

Things I’m enjoying

Work has been extremely busy but it has been easy to tackle from the comfort of home.

I’m enjoying not having to travel for work after 2 years of visiting every state and territory per year.

I’m enjoying not commuting for around an hour each day.

I’m enjoying waking up a bit later, with a quiet morning routine consisting of checking work emails on my phone, prayer/meditation, a long hot shower, listening to ‘The Squiz’ news podcast while making my breakfast and reading while eating before heading upstairs to my desk.

I’m enjoying weekend breakfast at home in the sun. In fact we have been spending a lot of time in our backyard!

I’m enjoying eating home cooked foods, and cooking in general. It’s been great to eat all our meals at home. I think it’s made a difference to my health and waist line.

I also discovered that I don’t need a gym membership. We love walking in our suburb on a nice, sunny day for some cardio. We purchased a stationary bike which takes care of cardio on days where we can’t leave the house.

I’ve also been loving the Melissa Wood Health app workouts which are yoga and Pilates based, and deceptively tricky. They are great for days when my body is tired from long (sometimes 15 hour) day of work, but I still want to move my body.

The beginner BBG Sweat app has also been great for a cardio/resistance session that’s a bit more intense but low impact on days where I have more energy.

I’m not looking forward to anything at the moment. I’m just trying to take one day at a time. And enjoy the little moments and pray that the world will heal soon and things will return to a new ‘normal’. A ‘normal’ where we appreciate the little things like time spent with loved ones, home cooked meals and good books.

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